Increase AI efficiency and user trust

Increase AI efficiency and user trust
Boost your decision-making process thanks to transparent AI
Boost your decision-making process thanks to transparent AI

Have you ever wondered how your models are making decisions? Have you struggled to explain to a different department how your model works?

EXPAI transforms your algorithms in fully transparent processes. Improve user trust and AI adoption in your company.

Why do I need EXPAI?

Explainable AI is essential to boost efficiency, gain trust and build algorithms faster. Take advantage of specialized insights and visualizations through an intuitive platform.

Increase AI adoption

Create AI that anyone in your company can understand and trust. Improve efficiency.

Easy AI validation

EXPAI provides understandable plots to help companies ensure that their models match their business rules.

Optimal decisions

AI will no longer output a value but a reasoning. Make optimal decisions based on this information.

Start now for free

EXPAI offers a free online tool for everyone. Start implementing Explainable AI for free.

Explainability for any model
On-Cloud computations
Unlimited upload size
max 2MB
Unlimited models and datasets
max 1
On-Premise Installation
Multiple users in organization
Persistent storage for models and data
1 week

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EXPAI offers

Efficiency and productivity
Transparency and Fairness

Easy implementation

Understanding your AI models was never this easy. With EXPAI, no coding is required and you will obtain insights from day one. Forget about development and maintenance.

Upload your model

EXPAI works on already existing models developed in any infrastructure.

Include your data

Upload the datasets you use for predictions.

Start working

You are ready to explain and evaluate your AI models.

Can be used by

Data Scientist

Create better models

Reduce monitoring time

Easier knowledge transfer with business

Decision Maker

Make optimal decisions

Error detection in automatic predictions

Faster knowledge extraction

Business Leader

Increase profits coming from AI

More control in automated processes

Validate models through visualisation

Model Explanation
Model Explanation

Measures how each variable contributes to the model predictions. It is really useful to validate whether it follows business rules.

Variable Explanation
Variable Explanation

Represents how prediction changes as a function of some variable. Study how variables affect your decisions and monitor limit cases.

Sample Explanation
Sample Explanation

Detailed explanation of a single prediction. Understand the reasons behind a certain prediction. Identify errors and make optimal decisions.


Validate business actions based on data and not intuition. Study what would happen if some variable is modified for a single sample. Take the best decision.

Use Cases

Explainable AI can (and must) be implemented in any process automated through Artificial Intelligence.

Commercial Team

Increase the efficiency of your commercial proposals, reduce your churn rate, identify the best price for your products.

Financial Services

Increase the transparency with your customers, justify your decisions and avoid biases.


Understand the predictive maintenance predictions, identify variables that reduce manufacturing costs, increase the productivity of your processes.

Our values

For everyone

Doesn't require any previous knowledge about Explainable AI.

Just Explainable AI

We focus on offering the best Explainable AI service.

Full control

Use EXPAI anywhere and whenever you need it.

Pay for what you need

Custom pricing based on your company needs.

Custom support

Our team will guide you throughout the whole process.

Lead the way

Be the first and make a difference with your competitors.

For everyone

It doesn’t require any previous knowledge about Explainable AI.

Just Explainable AI

We focus on offering the best Explainable AI service.

Full control

Use EXPAI in any platform and whenever you need it.

Pay as you go

Forget about expensive fees. Just pay for what you need. Simple, right?

Custom support

Our team will guide you throughout the whole process.

Lead the way

Be the first and make a difference with your competitors.

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Why should I use Explainable AI?

Explainable AI (XAI) will allow you to make the most optimal decisions based on data and not on intuition. Implement state-of-the-art algorithms to improve efficiency while preserving understanding along the whole process. With EXPAI, you will be able to understand the reasons behind every single prediction.


This is a very powerful tool to take wise decisions. Imagine your commercial team could understand the needs of every lead just looking at a plot. What if you could change variables and see on the fly how they will impact the result and why? Take prompt and reasoned action using EXPAI.

Artificial Intelligence is becoming widespread in companies but most users are still reluctant to its use. The main reason for this is the difficulty in understanding how it works and whether decisions are fair. Many companies have suffered scandals because of irresponsible use of AI. This has resulted in an increasing social call for action on transparency. Even within companies, some departments might not take full advantage of analytical models due to their lack of understanding. 


With EXPAI, your company can easily implement Explainable AI as a service or on premise. Our tool will enable everyone, no matter which background they have, to fully understand black-box models. Show the world how your AI is making fair decisions.

Institutions are starting to create the basis for regulation in Artificial Intelligence. For instance, the European Commission has already published guidelines to create Trustworthy AI. This framework will very soon become legislation that every company should comply with.


The main focus is on the need to implement explainable, fair and robust Artificial Intelligence. You have the opportunity to start working on this line today to avoid future pressures on your company.

Your company can lead the way and attract customers by increasing user trust using Explainable AI. Differentiate yourself from competitors and show the world your commitment with equality and transparency.


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